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The CHANCE series bench work system features enhanced functions for improved work efficiency and its flexible structure can be customized according to the type of work and offic space.

Individual work spaces come with practical storage space and a collaborated, productive work environment can be created by combinning various units and work tools.




Refined Simplicity
Select from white or wood grain / select from basic or duct type desk.
Open Type Wire Duct (Duct Type Desk)
Open duct type desk surface to access multi-tab and built-in wire duct; multi-tab (4 outlets) + USD (4 outlets) + LAN (2 outlets)
Wiring Solution
Wire hole and vertical wire duct to efficiently organize messy wires.
Frontal Screen and Side Screen
Position can be adjusted freely to easily block surroundings and provide individual work space. Frontal screen can be installed with an accessory panel and magnet for simple storage and memos.
Mobile Screen
Screen can be easily moved and fixed along the central rail.
LED Lighting Stand
Low power consumption provides high energy efficiency, touch type for easy adjusting of brightness.
Variety of Desk Risers
Riser can be moved freely along central rail for shared use. It comes in a variety of shapes and materials like wood, steel, plastic and is magnetic for easy memo attachment.