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Mobile Rack


The Mobile Rack is a place where office files can be found easily and it must provide comfort for all. This system is a best solution for shelving instruments, books, materials, etc and benefits such entities as companies, institutions, schools, hospitals, law & financial offices and others who look to store more in limited space.




Mobile Rack System gives you the flexibility to customize your shelving, making the most of your shelving capacity. This system covers extensive areas of storage : books, instruments, archives and office supplies; specimens and artifacts; records and evidence; sporting equipment; film cans and video tape; medical documents; tools and parts, etc. Its unique mechanical system enables you to effortlessly move multiple carriages at once.

While electrically powered mobile storage system is easy to move racks, guaranteeing safety is another key factor. The Smart Rack System is designed to put your mind at ease in both key considerations. Its LED panel guides users to control motion of racks, and its unique monitoring technology automatically detects any errors in the rack system.

In order to enhance its technological ability for safety, this system is equipped with some safety devices; sensors to detect persons or objects, emergency switches.